Welcome to South Beach Sun


It’s Time to Relax, Unwind, and Soak Up Your Vitamin D

    South Beach Sun provides many different options for whatever your tanning needs may be. We provide single sessions, thirty day unlimited packages, session packages, and VIP membership packages. South Beach Sun also specializes in custom spray tanning.

    At our salon you will find four different levels of tanning to suit your purpose whether that be getting ready for a trip, increasing your Vitamin D levels, warmth in the middle of winter or coolness in the middle of summer, or just getting a few minutes of relaxation during your hectic day. Our equipment levels are described by the different wattages of each lamp in a particular bed or standup unit.

    Our mission at South Beach Sun is to provide our clients with the cleanest and friendliest salon that uses modern equipment with the newest high quality bulbs while keeping prices very low and hours of operation accommodating to many different schedules.  All of our employees are educated weekly and certified by Smart Tan Network. Our education not only includes knowing how your skin reacts to UV light but why and that keeps our clients skin health at its best! We are also knowledgeable in all of the tanning lotions that we sell and why they work and which one would be best for your particular skin and tanning needs.

    Please give South Beach Sun a call for your sunshine needs or better yet, stop by and we will give you a tour!


Hours of Operation

                    Monday - Friday    8am-8pm


                    Saturday                9am-6pm

                    Sunday                 11am-5pm


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